Qui est Alain de Benoist ?

For more than thirty years, Alain de Benoist has methodically undertaken a work of analysis and reflection in the world of ideas. Writer, journalist, essayist, lecturer and philosopher, he has published more than fifty books and three thousand articles which have been translated into a dozen different languages.

His central concerns are political philosophy and intellectual history, but he has also written numerous works dealing with archaeology, popular traditions, the history of religions, and the life sciences.

Indifferent to contemporary ideological models or fashions, and rejecting all forms of intolerance and extremism, Alain de Benoist also rejects any « restorationist » nostalgia. When he criticizes modernity, it is less in the name of an idealized past than a preoccupation with postmodern concerns. His thought focuses on four principal themes: 1) The interrelated critique of individualism, universalism and nationalism (or ethnocentrism) as different forms of the same « metaphysics of subjectivity »; 2) The systematic deconstruction of market-minded reason, the conceptual basis of self-interest, as well as the multiple influences of Capital, whose global reach constitutes, in his eyes, the primary threat weighing on the world today; 3) The struggle to sustain local autonomy, linked to the defense of differences and collective identities; and 4) The clear preference for integral federalism, based on the principle of subsidiarity and the practical need for extending participatory democracy.

Although his work is known and recognized in many countries, Alain de Benoist remains largely ostracized in France, where too often his name has been summarily reduced to that of the so-called New Right, a category in which he has never truly recognized himself.

This site hopes to make his thought better known to a broader audience.